Vacuum & Pressure Services – Dublin, Kildare & Nationwide

    Vacuum & Pressure Services are the leading providers of Compressed Air and Vacuum Pump technology to industries throughout Ireland. Working closely with customers to enable them to maintain peak performance of their vacuum pumps and compressors.

    The key factor in providing this quality and professional service is our commitment to Customer Care.

    Vacuum & Pressure Services Ltd. are ISO 9001 Certified. We are available 24/7 to ensure that our customers do not lose time or money due to faulty vacuum pumps and air compressors.

    Vacuum & Compressor Services near Dublin


    STEP 1
    VPS meet with customer. A free appraisal of customer’s maintenance requirements is carried out.

    STEP 2
    Tailor made schedule for Preventative Maintenance designed and agreed with customer in writing. If more than one unit to be serviced, VPS plan a work schedule around client’s production requirements.

    STEP 3
    VPS send out reminders of scheduled Preventative Maintenance dates. VPS carry out the Preventative Maintenance on agreed dates. Unit tested to ensure peak performance.


    Step 1. VPS are called to service unit on site. Work area is checked for any safety concerns. Service engineer troubleshoots and identifies problem.

    Step 2. Engineer solves the problem. Cleans parts and replaces re-usable parts. Any worn parts replaced with new parts (if required). Check oil levels. Reassemble Unit.

    Step 3. Test unit to ensure peak performance. Ensure unit running as per manufactures settings / specification. Tidy and clean any spills.


    Our procedure for carrying out a Workshop Overhaul involves the following:
    1. The unit is completely stripped down by our trained engineer.
    2. Worn parts are replaced with new parts.
    3. (If the unit has seized the motor will be re-wound / replaced).
    4. The unit is re-built.
    5. The unit is tested to ensure peak performance.
    6. The unit is re-sprayed.
    7. The unit is returned to the customer with a three month warranty.

    Rental of Vacuum Pump Units and Air Compressor Units

    Vacuum & Pressure Services Ltd. has a fleet of rental pumps and air compressed units which are available for emergency, short or long term rental.

    * Fully qualified Service Engineers available to fit the units.

    * Most popular makes and models available.

    * All units maintained to “as new” standard.

    Scheduled maintenance and servicing keeps compressed air systems running smoothly. By keeping up-to-date with the unit’s service schedule, it will extend its life span.

    OPTION 1 – Preventative Maintenance Schedule. VPS take responsibility for the maintenance schedule and work according to an agreed timetable to match your specific needs. We remember and we remind you!
    OPTION 2 – Internal Housekeeping Checks. Monitor the hour metre until it flashes “service” or keep accurate records of running time totalling 3,000 hours between each service. Call VPS to book your service otherwise the unit may seize and you are in danger of production downtime.


    It is important for your business to find service providers that are reliable and professional. At Vacuum & Pressure Services, we deliver what we promise – quality service, quality workmanship in a timely and safe manner.

    “Yes We Can”

    We at Vacuum & Pressure Services are taking “Yes we can” as our motto – “yes we can” offer you sales, service and repair of vacuum pumps, compressed air units and “yes we can” provide this service 24/7.

    Yes – you can read through our website for all the information you need about us and contact us for the “yes we can” approach to your company’s needs.


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