Frequently Asked Questions

    Scheduled maintenance and servicing keeps compressed air systems running smoothly. By keeping up-to-date with the unit’s service schedule, it will extend its life span.

    OPTION 1 – Preventative Maintenance Schedule. VPS take responsibility for the maintenance schedule and work according to an agreed timetable to match your specific needs. We remember and we remind you!
    OPTION 2 – Internal Housekeeping Checks. Monitor the hour metre until it flashes “service” or keep accurate records of running time totalling 3,000 hours between each service. Call VPS to book your service otherwise the unit may seize and you are in danger of production downtime.

    YES, check oil levels daily on all vacuum pumps and compressors, where required.

    No, only use correct grade oil, the wrong oil will damage the unit and reduce its life span and reliability.

    Contact VPS for a recommendation and VPS can supply you with the correct grade oil for your unit.