Vacuum & Pressure Services: On-Site Services


    Benefits Of On-Site Services

    • Air systems running smoothly.
    • Reduces risk of breakdowns.
    • Increases reliability of the unit.
    • Reduces risk of production down time.

    On Site Services Procedure

    Step 1. VPS are called to service unit on site. Work area is checked for any safety concerns. Service engineer troubleshoots and identifies problem.

    Step 2. Engineer solves the problem. Cleans parts and replaces re-usable parts. Any worn parts replaced with new parts (if required). Check oil levels. Reassemble Unit.

    Step 3. Test unit to ensure peak performance. Ensure unit running as per manufactures settings / specification. Tidy and clean any spills.


    Rental of Vacuum Pump Units and Air Compressor Units

    Vacuum & Pressure Services Ltd. has a fleet of rental pumps and air compressed units which are available for emergency, short or long term rental.

    * Fully qualified Service Engineers available to fit the units.

    * Most popular makes and models available.

    * All units maintained to “as new” standard.




    if you would like to contact VPS regarding any On-Site Services Click Here