Vacuum & Pressure Services

Vacuum & Pressure Services:


Preventative Maintenance

Benefits Of Preventative Maintenance

  • Prolongs the life of units.

  • Reduces downtime and costs associated with emergency repairs.

  • Enables planning in terms of costs and scheduling.

  • Servicing on agreed upon dates. We remember and we remind you!

Preventative Maintenance Procedure


Vacuum & Pressure Services meet with customer and a free appraisal of a client’s equipment is carried out.


Vacuum & Pressure Services design a maintenance schedule based around the needs of the customer. This is agreed upon in writing and we make every effort possible to minimise disruption to the client’s production cycle.


We send out reminders of scheduled preventative maintenance dates. Vacuum & Pressure Services carry out the preventative maintenance on agreed dates. The unit tested to ensure peak performance.

On-Site Services

Benefits Of On-Site Services

  • Ensures the smooth running of air systems.

  • Reduces risk of breakdowns.

  • Increases reliability of the unit.

  • Reduces risk of production downtime.

On Site Services Procedure


Vacuum & Pressure Services are called to service a unit on site. Work area is assessed for any potential safety concerns. Service engineer troubleshoots and identifies problem.


Engineer solves the problem. Any worn parts are replaced with new parts. Oil levels are checked. The unit is reassembled.


Unit is tested to ensure operational efficiency. Our engineer makes sure the unit is running to the manufactures settings and specifications. Any spills are cleaned up and work area is tidied.

Supply and Installation of specialised Pipework

If you are upgrading your air system or moving to a new facility, Vacuum & Pressure Services can supply and fit pipework in your new premisies. 

Our Pipework engineers are experienced with all pipe sizes and pipe types. We supply Transair, GB and ABS Plastic Piping. 

Our engineers are highly experienced and complete all work to the highest professional standard.

We supply and install specialised pipework for all your air requirements, including Transair, GB, Infinity, ABS plastic piping and PVC. Please give us a call and we can assist you in choosing the best materials for your needs.

VPS Workshop

Benefits of a Workshop Overhaul

A workshop overhaul will significantly extend the life of your Vacuum Pump or Compressed Air Unit.

With first-class facilities, Vacuum & Pressure Services are able to offer the most comprehensive workshop services in the industry.

An overhaul is required when a unit has been badly damaged due to extended wear and tear. All work carried out in our workshop carries a three month warranty.

Workshop Overhaul Procedure

Our procedure for carrying out a Workshop Overhaul involves the following:

The unit is completely stripped down by our trained engineers.
Worn parts are replaced with new parts.
(If the unit has seized the motor will be re-wound or replaced).
The unit is re-built.
The unit is tested to ensure peak performance.
The unit is re-sprayed.
The unit is returned to the customer with a three month warranty.

Vacuum Pump Rental

Vacuum & Pressure Services Ltd has a fleet of rental pumps and air compressor units which are available for emergency, short or long term rental.

* Fully qualified Service Engineers available to fit the units.
* Most popular makes and models available.
* All units maintained to “as new” standard.


How do I prolong the productivity of my vacuum pump/compressor?

Scheduled maintenance and servicing keeps compressed air systems running smoothly. By keeping up-to-date with the unit’s service schedule, it will extend its life span.

How do I keep up-to-date with the maintenance schedule?

OPTION 1 – Preventative Maintenance Schedule: Vacuum & Pressure Services take responsibility for the maintenance schedule. We work according to an agreed upon timetable to ensure the miniumin amount of disruption possible. We remember and we remind you!

OPTION 2 – Internal Housekeeping Checks: Monitor the hour metre until it flashes “service” or keep accurate records of running, units should be serviced every 3,000 hours. Call Vacuum & Pressure Services to book your service otherwise the unit may seize and you're in danger of production downtime.

Is there anything else I need to do to look after my vacuum pump/compressor?

YES, check oil levels daily on all vacuum pumps and compressors, where required.

Can I use any oil to ‘top-up’ my vacuum pump/compressor?

No, only use the correct graded oil. The wrong oil will damage the unit and reduce its life span and efficency.

How can I tell which grade oil to use in my vacuum pump/ compressor?

Contact us for a recommendation and we can supply you with the correct graded oil for your unit.